Your home away from home when you're tired of working at home.

The landing was designed from the ground up as a boutique workplace environment providing much more personal space than other shared offices. As a member, you will be sharing the entire floor with a maximum of only 37 other members and invited guests. Sanitized stations & cleaning supplies will always be available. This provides a safer, more private workspace than most typical office environments. Some of our virus prevention features include:

  • Each office has individual climate control units which can be micro zoned, providing both AC and heat. This limits the air exchanged among offices, providing an additional measure of safety to your team.
  • Daily & weekly cleaning and sanitizing of all communal surfaces including bathrooms, lounge, conference room & kitchen area.
  • We offer 24-hour secure access for flexible work schedules. If you want to work in the evening or on a weekend when fewer members are present, The Landing will be open.
  • Private offices are designed with a limited number of workstations. Offices hold anywhere from one to five desks, allowing social distancing to be exercised. Offices are customizable for different sized or growing teams.

Outsource your critical teams to the Landing

We are perfect for critical teams as a satellite location. If you are a large organization, extending your team to work at the Landing will help address risk mitigation as part of your COVID recovery plan. Team members can go directly from home to private office in central Nassau County without commuting challenges.

We are a BYOD (bring your own device) facility with redundant high speed CAT 6 internet access at every station as well as WIFI. This will help address any production or IT shortfalls that occur from working at home, while providing a secure network to extend to your organization.


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