Wework and other coworking spaces vs....

The advantages of working at the Landing

Work in Style

Other shared offices and coworking spaces on Long Island are typical office designs, just subdivided to fit more people.

The Landing at 251 is a unique workspace. The work stations, conference tables, receptionist desk along with the mail slots are all made from the material salvaged during the renovation & restoration of the building. Additional features include a mosaic wall, fireplace, exposed brick, sunlit rooms with 10' ceilings on finished floors, along with a pool table to take time to relax. It is a city feel, like WeWork, but in the middle of Nassau County, secluded on the second floor in an arts and crafts style atmosphere.

Windows all around

Other coworking spaces can feel claustrophobic, with too many people crammed into small spaces without windows. Wework tries to counter this with a matrix of small glass offices resulting in an impersonal, semi industrial environment.

The landing embraces its original arts and crafts design, with oversized windows next to nearly every desk, skylights in the common areas and Florentine glass featured in all the doors and interior walls. Unlike Wework, natural sunlight does not come at the expense of privacy.

Your air is clean, and it's your own

WeWork and other coworking spaces typically have a one temperature fits all policy, resulting in some offices being too cold, and others too hot. Not to mention the health risk associated with open, shared HVAC systems which circulate the air throughout the entire floor.

We offer HVAC climate controls, providing a "micro-zone" for you and your team. This not only enables you to dial in your perfect comfort level, but also mitigates your exposure to the other tenants on the floor.

Easy Access, easy commute

Most established coworking spaces like WeWork are located in the city, resulting in a long commute involving trains, subways & crowded sidewalks.

The Landing is centrally located in the heart of Nassau County, with one-minute access to the Northern State, Wantagh, and Meadowbrook parkways and about 3 minutes from the Long Island Expressway. We are also an eight-minute walk to the Westbury LIRR train station. Team members can go directly from home to a safe, sanitized private office without typical commuting challenges. As of this writing, there are no Wework Long Island locations.

More Personal Space Than Wework & Other Long Island Coworking Spaces.

Typical coworking environments such as WeWork are designed to fit a maximum of desk space in a minimal amount of room. Wework often has hundreds of individual and small office tenants, greatly increasing the chances of one's exposure to the flu and other viruses.

At full capacity, The Landing offers a maximum of 38 desks, spread over 8 offices and three sizable common areas totaling nearly 4000 square feet. This equals nearly 100 square feet per person - far greater than any other coworking spaces like Wework. This means you will be safer, more comfortable and enjoy more privacy.


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